Saturday, June 7, 2008

MileyWorld / Nick Jonas Hate / HM Movie / Wango Tango Vid

If look on MileyWorld right now you'll see a new video of Miley and her buddy Lucas Till in her trailer on the set of Hannah Montana. I won't tell you alot but she was interviewing him and she was saying that he was on the "Miley without Mandy show". I though that was cute. lol.
Also this is Miley's newest diary entry:

Hey guys-
School's out! Yayyy
& Im taking my tests for my drivers license!
Im so excited!
- Miley Cyrus (but her autograph)

This was reported on I do not know how believable it is:

On the set of Miley Ray Cyrus' new music video '7 Things,' she was told by photographers and a producer 'to picture Nick Jonas face' on the floor when smashing her guitar into it. An insider told oceanUP exclusively:
'They kept telling her to
picture Nick throughout the shoot. Even more so when smashing the guitar! Apparently they dated off and on for a year and then Nick broke it off before Christmas last year. They have been trying to patch up their friendship because of the media.'
Recently, a picture Miley and Nick's
first kiss emerged on Miley's Blackberry, proving they once had a close relationship. This guitar smashing incident is just further evidence that '7 Things' was written about Miley's bitter breakup with Nick.

Here is a list of a couple of people to be appearing in the Hannh Montana movie!
- Dolly Parton

- Rascal Flatts

- Bucky Convington

- Vanessa Williams

If you haven't already seen this video then just click to view! It's great! Ryan Seacrest is amazing for saying that!