Sunday, June 1, 2008

Gallery / Miley Perfume

Happy June 1st everyone! This will be the last weekend update. I was lucky enough to have the RedBull Air Show come to a city near me. So today i'll be spending my day there. But don't worry! Monday I'll have all the newest updates! But anyways last night I added some new pics to the gallery.

>>Exclusive Pictures

I was buying a new purfume 2 mounths ago and said "When Miley is done with Hannah Montana she should start her own perfume line, I would buy it! And it would sell soo much!" Today I logged on and found this article:

"Just a few months ago industry mogul Miley Ray Cyrus trademarked a ton of 'Miley' merchandise including, dolls, electronics, Christmas tree decorations, cookie jars, etc [Full listing here]. In addition to this, Miley hopes to launch her own fragrance an clothing line. She revealed to J-14:
'I would
love to have my own clothing line because my style is different from a lot of people. I like starting trends, but I also like to be comfortable. I like to be casual but cute and stylish at the same time.' Miley wants her line to look similar to her favorite designer Marc Jacobs..
..It's young and it is expensive and couture, but it's not totally unaffordable. It's more funky, and it looks like it just came of the runway, but it's still casual.
Miley is already looking towards her new future. She plans on finishing the Hannah Montana series soon. 'We're doing the movie, and then one more season, maybe two. It's probably going to be one more season though.'"