Monday, June 2, 2008

7 Things / Candids / Hannah Montana 3rd Season /

Miley was rumored to film her music video for her song "7 Things" and it's true. Check out this video I found:

I added some pictures of Miley out having dinner and buying a new feathered friend--a parrot! thanks to

Great news! As a true Miley fan, I was ready to accpet the fact that Hannah Montana will only have 2 seasons, dispite all the rumors. Here is the article I found on!

"And it sounds like she’ll be doing another season of her hit TV show, despite rumors that she was considering quitting the gig following her Variety Fair photo scandal. She told press, “We’re doing the movie, and then one more season, maybe two. It’s probably going to be one more season though.”
Acting and singing aside, Miley says she’s interested in trying her hand at fashion design. “I would love to have my own clothing line because my style is different from a lot of people. I like starting trends, but I also like to be comfortable. I like to be casual but cute and stylish at the same time.”
Celebrity GossipEnjoy the pictures of Miley Cyrus out at the pet shop with her mom (June 1). "