Wednesday, June 4, 2008

7 Things Music Video Pictures / Site Updates

Once again thanks to the amazing site, I was able to add some new pictures of Miley during her 7 Things music video. There is just SO many! It will take ages to upload them all so im just uploading a couple. But a good amount!

I feel it's important to tell my visitors when I will be updating and when I wont. Starting today I will update everyday, unless I say I will not be. I say I don't and do, then you will hear me say it. If I say I will and I don't I will apologize. So! Tomorrow, I will not be updating because Friday me and my friends are riding our bike to school for her birthday.....also Friday is a presentation we have. I need to bring my laptop to school on Friday but I can't ride my bike with it--so! Tomorrow I am bringing my laptop to school for my teacher to hold, therefore Thursday I can't update because I simply don't have my computer. Sadly I also wont hear any new Miley news... On Friday, I am seeing Indiana Jones with my dad (hehe) so I probaly won't be updating. Saturday it's my friend's birthday party as well as Sunday so maybe just maybe will I update! Sorry for this long read but I think y'all should know!

- H a n n a h .x. .o. .x.

PS. (If you hear anything new about Miley, email me at right away and i'll let the world know and that it was you to tell me first!)