Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Video | Miley's Everywhere!

New Video:

On my happymadisonas1 account I uploaded a new video. Be sure to comment it!! And check out my super fine Miley channel!

Miley's Everywhere!:

1. Bridge To Theribithia - Showed part of the episode "She's A Super Sneak"

2. Simpsons - Bart wrote on the chalk board "The capital of Montana is not Hannah"

3. House - The main character replied "What Miley Cyrus is performing an extra night at the spectrum?"

4. Hell's Kitchen - One chef refered to Hannah Montana

5. Drake & Josh - Josh was once watching TV and he was watching Hannah Louisiana, Im pretty sure

6. The Game Plan - Best Of Both Worlds played

7. MadTV - Making fun of how hard it is to get Hannah Montana tour tickets (Thanks shminy-shmanderz from MileyTV)

8. Parental Control - Unkown, post if you know (Thanks nycdancer42 from MileyTV)

9. Gossip Girl - One girl told an other girl her outfit was "Too Hannah Montana" (Thanks omgmileyrox from MileyTV)

I posted this exact topic on the General Miley Chat on Every Sunday I will make a post with the new ones I find or people tell me. If you have any to add email me them at Or tell me in the comment box.


SophRocks94 said...

On Drake and Josh it was Suzannah louisana