Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Shocker! / Song Download / New Pictures

Thanks to SmileyRay from HR-Encodes for posting this article that wrote about Miley. Here it is:

"Finally, Cody Linley sheds light on why Miley Cyrus was making fun of Demi Lovato in her latest YouTube show. Miley has always crushed on her Hannah Montana costar Cody. She even confessed 'he is an angel' and his 'lips are like velvet'. So, it must have come as quite a blow after finding out that Cody has started dating her Disney rival Demi. Cody spilled to Twist:

"[The relationship] is still in the beginning stages. We were friends for awhile, and it kind of just turned into more. I like Demi because she's so fun!"Demi gushed, 'we had a romance scene in acting class where we had to kiss each other. We laughed about it and wound up talking for two hours in the car afterwards!'

Miley Ray claims she is happy for the new couple, 'Cody had his chance. He's a good friend, but I'm over it.'However, Cody confessed, 'Miley texted me to meet up when she was in Texas on tour. Just a couple of months ago, Miley was like, 'I love Nick so much. We're so happy! It wasn't meant to be. Spending every second together must have been hard.'I'm sure it was for Nick! It really appears that Miley is jealous of Demi and Cody since she and Nick broke up. It's also likely the reason why she's searching for boyfriends on IMDB, LOL."

Whoa. I did not so much appreciate that was somewhat disrespectfull towards Miley. What can we do? Nothing I guess...but support her to death!

If you've never actualy got the songs No Stopping Me & Not This Girl in MP3 format now is your chance to snag it! Sorry it's both songs together. I have a bonus for you too! If you have iTunes and want to have some more info for it then look here:

Name: No Stopping Me/Not This Girl
Artist: Hannah Montana
Album: Hannah Montana Soundtrack
Year: 2006

Yes. This is real information. DOWNLOAD HERE

Since the gallery has been updated I found it hard not to add new pictures so i'll be updating the albums all night. Well not ALL night but you know what I mean. lol. So I added 5 pics to Exclusive Pictures.

View Images here.