Saturday, May 24, 2008

Blend/Karaoke/New Vids/Demi/New HM/MileyTV/Pictures/Layout

Thanks so much to Nikki for this totaly amazing blend she made based on the site! I really really really appreciate what she has done! It means alot and tonight I will probaly go to sleep on a good day knowing someone likes something I put time and effort on! Click here to view it!

As you may know May 20th a new karaoke version of 8 of Miley's songs was released. If you can't find it at the stores here is a download package of 4 of the songs. I don't want to spoil it! Download it here.

On my youtube account i've uploaded a couple new videos. Check them out here & here. Both are cute versions.

I would like to make a public apologie to Demi Lovato fans that come here. I would like to say I am a Demi fan. I do not hate her. Just recently I released the opinion about Demi. When I asked for opinions I did not like her. My mind changed since then. I would like to set that record straight. I am terribly sorry you got it the wrong way!

I just found out the highly anticipated Hannah Montana episode "No Sugar Sugar" will be airing on the Disney Channel USA, June 13th 2008. Mark it down!!

I would like to give a shout out to MileyTV. It's one of my favorite sites ever! If you are a member you problay know me as HannahFamous because I am usualy online! Now I want all my viewers to go join the forums!! Remember to say that you heard about it from Miley Media Source!

So I have a job for all of you, if you can will you send me pictures of Miley that either you edited or took or find rare? I'll put them into the gallery and credit to you! It will be cool to have fan pics up here!

I am also looking for a new layout! If you would like to make on please send me a sample to, like always

Congraduations to David Cook on winning American Idol May 21st 2008. I am a huge fan.