Monday, March 17, 2008

Update March 17th 2008

Hi! Hannah here. I am currently posting on the wonderful site called the Hannah Montana Center. Like here I'm posting as HannahFamous.

Speaking of HannahFamous, you may have seen me on the popular sites HR-Encodes and MileyMedia, maybe, maybe not. If you have heard of them I'd like to let you guys know I do not take any of my media from those sites. They, as well as me hate people who steal media. I provide my own custom ripped media.

But! If you would like to donate your media to the site, such as audios, videos, pictures, style matches or any news and imformation please email all your donations to they will be seen on the site so please give me your name so I can credit you. When you donate you are letting me use your media I will not backstabe and post it somewhere else. I promise, you have my word. Donate today!

Thanks for reading, more updates soon!!

Oh! One last thing--if you see MY media on anyother site such as another blogspot that is not here or Hannah Montana Center, youtube, a forum, facebook, piczo, freewebs or anywhere please tell me!! I do have a youtube so you mite see stuff there, but if it's not on the account happymadisonas1 then it's stealing. Thanks again!